Justice and Peace Ireland offers information about the Catholic Church’s teaching on political, socio-economic and environmental issues.

It’s also a hub for Justice and Peace Groups across Ireland to exchange news, information and advice on how best to ‘strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family’ (LS 52).

Inspired by the Gospel, it is hoped that this hub will develop our sense of solidarity with one another and with all of creation.

We hope Justice and Peace Ireland supports you to build a better Ireland and a better World!

An authentic faith – which is never comfortable or completely personal – always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave the Earth somehow better than we found it.

Pope Francis

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Justice&Peace (IRL) Justice&Peace (IRL) @cjpireland RT @catholicanimal: Join us on Mon 18 Jan at 10:30 UK for the CCA Fish and Marine Welfare Conference🐠🐟that is designed to bring together ex… 3 days ago
Justice&Peace (IRL) Justice&Peace (IRL) @cjpireland RT @Pontifex: Let us pray together for our brothers and sisters of Sulawesi, in Indonesia, hit by a strong earthquake. May the Lord console… 3 days ago
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Justice&Peace (IRL) Justice&Peace (IRL) @cjpireland RT @CathNewsIreland: 'The path of peace and reconciliation will require new acts of courage' - Bishop Treanor https://t.co/cIDXgGZUC0 @Down 2 weeks ago
Justice&Peace (IRL) Justice&Peace (IRL) @cjpireland RT @CathNewsIreland: Centenary of NI in 2021 offers opportunity for reconciliation - @ArchbishopEamon @cjpireland https://t.co/mzobWw5nSR 2 weeks ago

Religious leaders call for action to stop atrocity crimes against the Uyghurs in China

Source: The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, https://www.cbcew.org.uk/catholic-leaders-join-the-call-for-action-to-stop-atrocity-crimes-against-the-uyghurs-in-china/  Religious leaders call for action to stop atrocity crimes against the Uyghurs in...

Statement of the Executive Committee of Justice & Peace Europe on the current situation in Belarus

Peace and Justice for Belarus Following the Presidential election in Belarus held on 9 August 2020, thousands of protesters took to the streets to reject the election results as manipulated, leading to violent clashes with the country’s security forces. According to...

Social justice issues must be addressed by Election 2020 – Bishop Alan McGuckian

Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ, chairman of the Council for Justice and Peace of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference has published the following statement in the context of General Election 2020.  Please see below the summary, followed by the full statement.  ...

Bishops call for the application of international law in the Holy Land to enable peace and political progress as situation worsens

Bishops from across Europe and North America called on their governments to insist on the application of international law in Israel and Palestine, following their visit to the Holy Land this week. The bishops of the Holy Land Coordination, who visit the region every...

This Lent, Envisage a New World

You can make a powerful choice Fasting from meat during the Lenten season is part of our Catholic tradition. It’s a way to live in the humble simplicity that Christ offers us. We now know that fasting from meat is also a way to sustainably inhabit our place in God’s...

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