Around the World: One People, One Purpose.

People of faith around the world are uniting on a pilgrimage for climate justice. Coming from the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, and all across Europe, they are standing in solidarity with our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

The Climate Pilgrimage journey is inspired by Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ letter on climate change and ecology. As climate change makes storms rage, deserts grow, and seas rise, people of faith are called to act. We love our neighbors, the most vulnerable above all, and solving climate change is an act of love.

Laudato Si’ says that we need to “set out on the long path to renewal.” We are all invited to walk this path by tweeting at leaders, holding a conversation in our community, or supporting the Climate Pilgrimage through prayer.

Send your prayer for the pilgrims and their mission here: It will be written on a prayer ribbon and carried on pilgrims’ backs. They will give your prayer to leaders at the UN climate talks.