You can make a powerful choice

Fasting from meat during the Lenten season is part of our Catholic tradition. It’s a way to live in the humble simplicity that Christ offers us.

We now know that fasting from meat is also a way to sustainably inhabit our place in God’s creation.

This Lent, we invite you to go beyond fasting from meat on Fridays. Add one more day of plant-based meals to your table or strive to eat plant-based meals throughout the Lenten season. Together, our acts of solidarity add up to better protection for our vulnerable brothers and sisters.

Many of us enjoy meat, and we’re grateful for the farmers who make our meals possible. Focusing our diets on plant-based meals and enjoying meat as an occasional treat is a sustainable way of living in our common home.

Many people are surprised to discover that cattle farming is a leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon. This land is often taken illegally from indigenous people.

Sources of deforestation in Brazil

It also surprises many people to learn that meat production is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the average serving of meat represents many times the greenhouse gas emissions of the average serving of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Approximate emissions per .5-pound serving

We’re called to embrace the humility and love that Christ offers. Here at GCCM, our staff team is adding plant-based meals to our tables this Lenten season. We’ll be sharing our stories and recipes. Please make your commitment now to join us and learn more.